Are Our Super Star University Professors Good Enough?

It’s so great to see all these free-lectures from the top universities and top rated professors of our time. And, yet, I am a little disappointed, you see, it seems those giving the lectures aren’t as knowledgeable as I’d hoped, worse often I know more than they do, in many of the side topics concerning their 30-year tenure of expertise.

That’s scary, as I quit school after 2-years in college. Further, I am somewhat bothered by the abundance of political correctness being spewed-out. Then again, perhaps there is a simple explanation for all this, and that would be that the students these days are so dummied down, that the professors are talking down to them and lecturing to their level of intelligence, so they can comprehend what is being said.

Either way, I am somewhat appalled at how our colleges and universities have so dummied down the students that they sit there like little chickadees allowing the professor to deposit all this information into their heads, without asking the professor the tough questions, or demanding more relevant information, and a higher level of learning.

As I was writing this article it occurred to me that maybe the reason these lectures and classes are free online, is because that’s all they’re worth. And in stating that, I have another question why on earth does it cost so much to go to a University per year to listen to that level of lecture? They aren’t good enough, and we can do better than this, so why aren’t we?

Is it really because the students do not have the capacity to learn at higher level, or that have we retarded the classrooms, demanding less and less from our students, while charging them more and more money to grant them a piece of paper telling them that they are smart?

As a former franchisor founder, and looking at the information in those classrooms, and what the professors are teaching, there is very little in those classrooms that those kids are learning that would make the piece of paper or diploma they get a viable reason for hiring them. And mind you many of these professors, and many of these lectures I’ve been viewing are coming from the classrooms of the top level professors of those institutions.

Therefore I dare to ask the question, and I’d like it answered; are our superstar University Professors even good enough to command those high salaries, pensions, accolades, and honors? I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is no. All I ask is that you please think about this and consider it.

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